Numbers of Plane Graphs

Six points in a convex position have 14 triangulations.

What is the maximal number of graphs of type X that can be embedded over a specific set of N  points in the plane? The purpose of this webpage is to present up-to-date bounds for various types of plane graphs. We only consider straight-edge crossing-free graphs. For a more detailed explanation about what these bounds are click here. Comments and updates are more than welcome.

We first consider the more popular variants – those with new works studying them every several years.

Graph Type Lower Bound Reference Upper Bound Reference
Plane Graphs \Omega(42.11^N)  [HPS18] O(187.53^N)  [SS12]
Triangulations \Omega(8.65^N)  [DSST11] 30^N  [SS11]
Spanning Cycles \Omega(4.64^N)  [GNT00] O(54.55^N)  [SSW13]
Perfect Matchings \Omega(3.09^N)  [AR15] O(10.05^N)  [SW06]
Spanning Trees \Omega(12.52^N)  [HM13] O(141.07^N)  [HSSTW11; SS11]
Cycle-Free Graphs \Omega(13.61^N)  [HM13] O(160.55^N)  [HSSTW11; SS11]

Some less common variants:

Graph Type Lower Bound Reference Upper Bound Reference
Connected Graphs \Omega(35.49^N)  [AHHHKV] O(186.46^N)  [SS12]
\Omega(20^N)  [AOSS08] 120^N  [BSS13; SS11]
Pointed Pseudo Triangulations \Omega(12^N)  [AOSS08] O(89.1^N)  [BSS13; SS11]
All Matchings \Omega(4^N)  [SW06] O(10.43^N)  [SW06]
Left-Right Perfect Matchings \Omega(2^N)  [SW06] O(5.38^N)  [SW06]
Red-Blue Perfect Matchings \Omega(2^N)  [SW06] O(7.61^N)  [SW06]
Rectangulations \Omega(8^N)  [Fels13] O(18^N)  [Ack06]
Quadrangulations \Omega(4^N)  [ScS11] O(51.06^N)  [ScS11]


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