Math Summer Programs

The virus is causing some math summer programs to cancel. Surprisingly, this led to something wonderful. Unusually strong undergrads are starting to run their own online summer math programs for high school students.

1. The MORPH program is run by the Harvard math club. It offers a variety of mathematical topics at different levels of difficulty. It is not only free, but also subsidizes books for admitted students.

2. Alec Sun’s program seems to be more focused towards research.

I know students from the staff of both programs and believe that (math-wise) they are some of the strongest in the country.

(As usual, high-school students who wish to do a research project are also welcome to contact me. Unlike the above, this is not for a summer project. This is for students who wish to spend a large amount of time spread over a many months, with the goal of producing their own research paper. See more here.)


3 thoughts on “Math Summer Programs

    • Thank you Ravi! I was just thinking about whether it would make sense to have polymath projects for students. I did not know that such projects already exist. I’ll be interested to talk to people who ran such projects. Do you know whether these polymaths produced results? Was there an issue of more senior people (such as grad students) also trying these problems? Maybe I’ll try contacting the program.

      • There have been results, typically under the pseudonym “P. A. Crowdmath”. Search “Crowdmath” on the arXiv to see a handful of papers. I’m not sure if there have been any journal publications. When people sign up, they have to click a checkbox indicating that they are high-school students or college students. More senior people are allowed to become mentors, with the approval of the project coordinator. If you would like to contact the folks at Crowdmath or its underlying organization (the Art of Problem Solving, aka AoPS), you can email me and I will connect you; I co-authored a textbook with the AoPS folks.

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